A Trailer Park Christmas

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A Trailer Park Christmas

Postby TED BUNDY » Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:19 pm

A Trailer Park Christmas
by Paul Mattle

I lay drunk on the couch while my brother stood embarrassed in the doorway, trying not to break out in screaming laughter.

Moments earlier there was a knock at the door and then it swung open (I thought it was probably Troy). The door stayed open and no one came in. Adam got up to see who it was and a look came over his face I had never seen before. From the open door I heard singing. It was carolers! I began laughing and didn’t move. Is this really happening? It was. They sang songs in their entirety for at least 10 minutes. I never knew there were so many versus to each song. I thought they would have done a medley of the songs. But no, they were professionals.
Adam awkwardly stood in the open doorway trying not to laugh; with an enormous grin he would occasionally break into laughter, as would I. After the first two songs I realized they weren’t about to give up, so I paused the Leonard Cohen DVD I had purchased earlier. I continued to lie on the couch. After at least seven full versions of your favorite Christmas carols, they stopped and went on their way. Adam and I applauded and went back to the DVD. We were amazed. Was this a Trailer Park Christmas Miracle? Indeed it was. We didn’t know if we should have offered them anything. I suggested we throw a burrito to them, but it was too late.
I’m guessing they came from the church next door (down the hill) and would like to find out exactly what church they were from. I need to know who will reimburse me for the gas bill.
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