Found Love Almost Too Late

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Found Love Almost Too Late

Postby larry tate » Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:47 pm

To all,

I didn’t realize that I would fall in love so easily, but after going to CH Wright’s warehouse in Leroy, I’m afraid that I’m hopelessly (and hopefully endlessly) in love. Cases of beer for only TEN DOLLARS! TAX & DEPOSIT INCLUDED!?!?! And to think that my cousin-in-law has worked there for more than a decade and never let me into this knowledge is astounding. We could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past fifteen years – tens of thousands myself alone. To only find out about this little gem of a distributor at the tender age of 33 is almost appalling. 30 PACKS OF KEYSTONE LIGHT – TEN DOLLARS! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, I may have to return to Leroy in two days time with an additional $100 to get stocked up for the next 6 weeks of winter. YUENGLING BLACK AND TANS/CASE - a mere $10!?!?!?! Fuck me… What a world, what a world!

Stay beautiful,
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