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The Most Metal Things Ever!

Postby Silverfox » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:46 am

The most metal thing ever is when your mom fuckin wants you to take out the garbage again but jesus christ is a shithead you already fuckin did last week so you just crank up the fuckin Gorguts and tell that bitch that the most metal thing ever was when you tore a hole between her pussy and asshole when you were born and she says "that episiotomy wasnt a joke, I still have a scar" and you spit on the floor and say "Happy Mother's Day, bitch."

That's pretty metal.
I: He loses, but goes the distance.
II: He wins.
III: He loses. Mick dies. He wins.
IV: Apollo dies. He wins.
V: He "wins".
VI: Adrian dies. He loses, but goes the distance.
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